Dads and Grads... on a budget

Looking to get dad an awesome Father’s Day gift that he can’t put down? Need to get your grad something extra special without breaking the bank? Father’s Day is just around the corner and graduations are recent news so here are a few cool items you can pick up right here at Gr...

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Dancing at My Desk

My office doesn’t have a door - kind of like a cubicle (with four walls and a ceiling).  I’m not looking for pity, seriously.  But, it makes jamming to music - one of the few methods of motivation - more difficult to do without forcing my co-workers to also rock out to my favor...

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Take Your Sonos System To The Next Level

Do you have a Sonos system?  Are you in love with it? (Most people who own a Sonos System do tend to fall madly in love with it.)  Are you wondering how to take your relationship with Sonos to the next level?  You're in luck.  The Nova from Peachtree Audio creates amazin...

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Audiophile vs. The mp3

Being what I would consider a “moderate” audiophile (i.e. I can absolutely hear the difference, appreciate the quality, yet never spent the overwhelming amounts of cash to achieve a super high level of bliss), I found myself over the last ten to fifteen years, trading in the fi...

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