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Surveillance is about more than cameras and smart home automation (although we have those in spades) it's about making your home work for you, and equipping it to protect you and your family. Gramophone is well-versed in smart home automation and the equipment that is needed to fully secure your home and property. With smart security, you can arm your alarm system, get alerts when your front door opens, or turn on your lights with just the touch of a button. Access live video feeds to check on your kids or lock your back door from miles away and rest assured that your home is safe. This type of privacy and comfort all ties into an automated system that transforms your house into a place of serenity.s.

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Gramophone uses automated home and commercial systems that are not only reliable and easy to integrate but also deliver outstanding performance through innovative software and exceptional support - such as IC Realtime, Visualint, Crestron, Lutron, and Control4.



Security systems utilize a network of components, and each one of them plays a vital role in the overall protection, that is why it is crucial for them to communicate with each other seamlessly. 
Some of the most common security system elements are:

The Control Panel
This sleek touchpad serves as the main hub and communicates with the other security components.

Lighting & Shading
Enjoy the security of advanced lighting control by creating a safe path of light in front of, throughout, and around your home. Add automated shades to create privacy or protect valuable furnishings. Never enter a dark home again, and experience how "vacation" & "away" settings can make your home look alive when no one is there.


Electric Door Locks
Access your locks remotely through your smartphone to ensure that your doors are locked, grant user codes and time settings for a pet sitter, or family friend who needs temporary to access the residence. These codes can have time ranges so an unwanted guest can't open the door after specific hours. Also great for checking when the kids get home from school with convenient alerts and time stamps.

Motion Sensors
Using vibration, ultrasonic waves, infrared heat, or any combination of these to sense movement on your property, sensors can trigger lights, alerts, and a call to action!

Security cameras come in a wide range of features that can be tuned to best suit the needs of your property. Our camera and recording options can detect an intruder, set safety perimeters, and virtual "tripwires" through software.


Door and window sensors

Door and Window Sensors
Located on the door or window frame, these sensors are set to notify you when the window or door opens.

Fire Safety & Carbon Monoxide Detector
Strategically located outside sleeping areas, these monitors detect rises in the levels of carbon monoxide gas in the home. Not home? Our systems can be programmed to notify local authorities in the event of an emergency.

Cellular Backup Unit
In case someone should cut your system’s wires or your traditional infrastructure goes down due to fire, the cellular backup unit provides an alternative method for your security system to notify the monitoring center of a break-in.




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