Sonos Introduces a Multi-Room Music Kit

Wireless multiroom music provider Sonos has introduced the Bundle 150 that gets you a two-room starter kit for $999. It includes everything you need to wirelessly play music in two rooms of your house at the same time: play the same song in perfect synchronicity or play two entirely d...

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Monster Cable Unveils Wireless High Definition Kit

We hear it again and again from our customers: why does my new HDTV need so many wires? There’s good news on the horizon for those looking to end the hassle of HDTV wiring. Monster Cable just announced plans to release the Monster Wireless Digital Express HD, a single digital box that manages ...

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A Flat TV Stand for Small Spaces

So long, armoires. Flat TV stands are the new must-have furniture piece in any home. But what if your home doesn’t have the space to support a huge TV cabinet? Gramophone furniture supplier,  [BDI_Revo]  BDI, has a solution for flat TVs in small spaces. BDI’s new REVO line is a...

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It’s Summer. Time to Take Music Outdoors

Love the idea of music on the deck, patio or poolside but loathe the idea of bulky black speakers dampening your view? We’ve been working with a speaker vendor called Madison Fielding that has the solution:  high quality outdoor speakers cleverly hidden in a variety of usable pl...

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Hitachi 1.5 Arrives

I saw a preview of the new Hitachi 1.5 LCD television line at the 2008 CES show in  Las Vegas earlier this year, and now they’ve started arriving in-store. Each model boasts an ultra thin cabinet that’s just 1.5 inches deep. Ultra-thin models are available in four screen sizes of 32...

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Crestron Lighting Control Goes Green

Now you can add the luxury and ease of automated lighting, shade and drapery control in your home while minimizing your impact on the environment thanks to Crestron’s new Green Light: a complete line of lighting, HVAC and shade/drapery control designed to maximize energy conservation and ...

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