For the love of music

I love listening to music. I love great sound systems. And I get to do both as part of my job. After over 35 years of doing this though, it takes a lot to impress me.  I recently brought home a pair of Totem Mani-2 Signature speakers.  On the surface there’s nothing all ...

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Music To Our Ears

Picture this: It’s a rainy day and you are finally able to complete your rainy day “to-do” list as you stroll from room to room around your house.  But let’s create a better image of this gloomy day, and why not picture yourself listening to that great new albu...

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Gramophone welcomes Totem back

Gramophone and Totem Acoustics of Canada are partners again! We will have on display at both showrooms, Totem's Tribe series of on-wall and in-wall speakers along with a broad selection of other speakers from Totem including the landmark Model One Signature and the ...

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Best of CEDIA: Crestron iServer™

CEDIA was buzzing with excitement about Crestron’s iServer™, the first iPod docking station of its kind to bridge the gap between expensive audio servers and basic docking stations. [Creston-iserver]  iServer™ provides homeowners with a permanent docking station and dedic...

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CEDIA Expo Darling: D-Box

Just last month at Gramophone, we hosted the mobile D-Box truck so visitors could experience the amazing D-Box Motion Code System. This system equips a home theater recliner with a motion control system that literally moves the chair to match the action on screen with your home theater. It tran...

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