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You've spent a ton of time and effort decorating your home — now create the perfect mood with quality custom lighting and shading. Whether you want to completely automate your lights and shades or you’re just looking to install a few dimmer switches, Gramophone can get your job done. We have long-standing relationships with Lutron and Crestron, two of the leading vendors in lighting technology, in addition to many other companies, and if you’re concerned about your electrical wiring, Gramophone can take care of that too with our certified, in-house technicians.

Any lighting system can be accessed with the touch of a button from a wall-mounted keypad, a remote control system, or your PC and smart device. It’s even possible to have your car send a signal to your system so that your home is lit upon your arrival. Gramophone has an on-staff programmer, so we can 100% customize your experience.

With an added automated climate and shade system, you can program the system to monitor each room and execute unique climate and shade settings that optimize energy efficiency and ensure every room is exactly how you want it.

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Thanks to today’s technology, lighting control can start with basic dimming and go all the way to a  full home automation solution working in conjunction with automated shades, security, and even a home entertainment system. Enhance your security with light timers for driveways and sidewalks, or customize your lighting schemes to set the mood for parties or a better night's rest.




While standard lights only save energy when they are turned off, controlled lights and dimmers save money all of the time. This applies not only to incandescent lights but to all lighting sources, including LED bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), and halogen lamps. On average, dimming any type of light source can reduce energy bills by roughly 20%, using occupancy sensors saves up to 50%, and the combined use of dimmer and sensors can save up to 60%. Bring down your bills and help the environment all while enjoying the new ambiance created by your custom lighting.



Take advantage of motorized shades for privacy, security, energy conservation, temperature regulation, and more. Save time with the touch of a button that controls all the shades in your house when you leave for vacation, or just for work in the morning. Protect your furnishings by automatically closing your shades to block light from leather or other sensitive fabrics during the brightest times of the day.





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