The Week I Became An Audiophile: Reflections

It’s difficult to wrap up this chain of posts I’ve been writing, mainly because I’m not sure how to. I’m healthy enough now to look at computer screens again, but I have a feeling I’ll be nostalgic for the focus and relaxation that purely listening to music brought me...

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Why I Owe Mick Taylor an Apology

Some guitarists and music critics disdain Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor's playing style. But a recent listening to a live 'Stones performance changed Danial Kumin's mind. Find out why...

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Devialet Phantom

Gramophone Introduces Devialet

Starting this week we are adding a new line of products by Devialet to our showrooms! At the Consumer Electronics Show in Spring, Gramophone's associates were blown away by Devialet's award winning products, and he technology, finish, and sound quality really made all of us take notice.

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