The Week I Became An Audiophile: On Vinyl, Part II

It doesn't take special ears to become an audiophile... just perhaps some doctor's orders to listen to music. Join our marketing associate Jo for a week of product testing and reflection on what the word "audiophile" truly means.

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Day 3: Thursday, 3/5/15: On Vinyl, Part II

Crosley is the brand of record player Dennis has. Still know nothing else about it, but I currently listen to Broken Social Scene while Matilda the dog loudly chews her elk antler next to me.

Today is a snow day, therefore a stay-at-home-and-work-as-you-are-able day, that so far has begun with two migraines and a subsequent nap. Unfortunately said nap led to fun neck soreness and potentially another migraine. Is this what life has become?

As I monitor my fun situation while eating blackberries, I take the chance to review the sound of a record player instead of our in-store speakers. Unfortunately my headache is a bit too bad to really focus, and if I could, I’m not sure how eloquently I could describe what I’m hearing. “Oh… there’s a box, in that corner, playing music.” Oh, okay, that makes sense.

What fascinates me most, actually, is just how in the world a record player works. How does a little needle on a cartridge translate grooves into music?

I would normally ask one of our resourceful salesmen such a question, but seeing as how I am nowhere near the store (and perhaps neither are they), a google search will have to do. But first, a quote:

“I don’t know, I just...I love records. I mean, they’re not for everyone… you really have to take care of vinyl. It’s very delicate. It can get wrecked so easily. You really have to love it. Do you hear how full it sounds? Now, what you want to buy is a thicker record. They’re more stable. The grooves in them are sort of deeper and wider. You get more detail.”

- Penny, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Perhaps I’ll sympathize with Penny one day.

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