Gramophone is welcoming LG and brand new OLED technology to our stores! The LG OLED TVs have been breaking ground as OLED technology transforms the experience of TV and video. The true-to-life color and richness of OLED is unbelievable, while the ultra thin silhouette of LG compliments and enhances any decor. We have models at Gramophone starting at $1999, and have them on display at both of our Timonium and Columbia stores.

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Which Watts?

"Watts" is the one audio spec most consumers care about and think they understand; yet it remains among the most misunderstood. Technical Editor Daniel Kumin examines what's up with Watts in this article. 

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The AudioQuest Nighthawk

The sizzle of different synths lifted above my eyes while deep, muted bass sat deep in my chest and stomach once I heard it. To get such sensations from sound going directly into your ears was astounding.

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Back to School In Style

Get ready for school (it's August already?!) with Gramophone. We know what you need for the new year, from stylish headphones for lounging on campus, to desktop speakers for listening to your online class, to new vinyl to review with old classmates or accompany your studying session. 

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