Pimp My Garage

My first love will always be washing and waxing my car and truck. I find it relaxing, and really is there anything better than watching raindrops dance on new wax job? My second great love is watching TV. Yes, I'm a child of the great TV generation. And, if it were up to me, Ed Su...

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Going green with Gramophone

Gramophone is a founding member of a national organization called HTSA - Home Theater Specialists of America. HTSA recently developed a Guiltless Green Home Theater. Click on this link to see a video for more information. We've been thinking a lot about what else we can do to help our cl...

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Today is DTV transition day!

It's a new day in TV watching today. If you are receiving your TV from a cable or satellite provider everything stays the same for you, but if you use a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears, your TV may not work the way it used to. The fix is simple - you just need a DTV converter box. If you have any...

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