Going green with Gramophone

Gramophone is a founding member of a national organization called HTSA - Home Theater Specialists of America. HTSA recently developed a Guiltless Green Home Theater. Click on this link to see a video for more information.

We've been thinking a lot about what else we can do to help our clients reduce energy consumption and save on energy costs. Many people think of us for great sound systems and state of the art HDTV's or home theaters, but might be surprised to know everything else we do. The same easy to use remote control system that turns on the music around the house or runs the home theater can do a lot more. These days we design and install home control systems that can not only control the lights, shades, HVAC and more at the touch of a button, but can include occupancy sensors that turn lights off when no one's around, setback the thermostats when you leave the house and control motorized shades to reduce energy costs.

Sony has joined in recently as well with the introduction of their Eco series of TV's that will turn off the picture (leaving the sound on), when no one's in the room and after 30 minutes pass with no one in the room, can turn off the TV entirely.

Who knew going green could be so much fun!