Deep Fried ... Electronics.

Summer brings thunderstorms, and thunderstorms bring lightning damage to your electronics. Wouldn't it be a bummer to come home from a weekend away only to find the smell of blown power supplies filling the air.  Yep, that's the smell of the surge that fried your beloved TV and surround system.

You can avoid this heartbreak by using quality component surge protection systems, which serve in several capacities:

  • They provide much needed surge protection to your valuable electronic equipment, from components to your TV.  Don't be fooled: The $15 power strip you buy isn't going to protect your system from that catastrophic event.
  • Have you heard about power conditioning? It's a very important part of digital processing now.  Just about all of your components are digital. Your cable box or satellite system, Blu-ray player & TV are all digital. A good surge protector/ power conditioner will remove noise* from your AC power and the result is better sound & picture.
  • Now what are those other connections?  It's a pretty good bet that you have cable or satellite for TV. All of your components are connected to a surge protection system, but if the lightning strikes the incoming cable line or satellite dish, guess just got fried. Now with these extra connections, your coax cable goes through the surge protection system. Even if you have a dish system your incoming coax cable and phone line at that location will be protected. Pretty cool, eh? 

* Noise: There are many things in the house that put noise into your power. From your refrigerator to your central air compressor, these all create big problems in our already overtaxed power grid.  This noise becomes part of the audio and video in your system. remove the noise and get better performance.

So if you've spent a good chunk of change on a home theater system, are you willing to put it all at risk (as well as not get its full potential) by choosing to not put in a system protection component?  If you don't have protection now, it's not too late to add it. If you're getting ready to make a purchase, this is a no brainer. 2 words: Buy it.

We recommend the full line of Furman surge protection equipment and UPS units. You will see them in use all around the store. Furman is the choice of professionals and recording studios. 

-Bruce Spivey