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About IC Realtime

IC Realtime was established in 2006 and is an American-owned manufacturer of digital surveillance and technology equipment. They are the leading IP video surveillance camera brand in the custom residential market and additionally serve a variety of government establishments like the military, commercial and residential channels.  IC Realtime’s mission statement is to innovate, deliver and support global video technology; greatly supporting the UL 2802 performance testing standard for camera image quality.

Notable technological breakthroughs include the introduction of the pioneering Cloud Video Recorder™, and as of lately the ground-breaking IC720 360° x 360° situational awareness video surveillance camera.

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The company is well-known within the professional security sector for its products’ performances. They offer a broad collection of video surveillance cameras and recorders that natively integrate with complex home automation systems.

Residential and commercial IC Realtime camera users are offered a cloud storage service called ICMyCloud, which enables them to stream and record high-definition video footage from their cameras 24/7. This service is also used to connect with IC Realtime’s Echo Show cameras. In order to activate the Echo Show, you simply assign a name for the camera within Alexa and ask for it to start recording.
Taking into consideration that nurseries, living rooms or pools are the most commonly used locations to place cameras, data safety is one of the highest priorities for IC Realtime when offering this service. That is the reason why the company implemented stringent security protocols for the cloud- and internet-connected camera integrations ensuring the greatest integrity possible.
The Echo Show adds a 7-inch touchscreen, dual Dolby-optimized speakers, video-calling and a front-facing camera.

IC Realtime continues to expand the market with innovations for people to capture and interact with their video surveillance in new ways. Ranging from home security and crime/forensics to 360-degree lifestyle videos.


IC Realtime’s comprehensive solutions span all business sectors & maximize the key benefits of the best video surveillance systems for commercial applications.