Where Surveillance Meets Security

Visualint provides a powerful custom system that works with a variety of traditional security platforms. It enables you to integrate security and surveillance systems together.


A Hybrid Solution

Visualint transforms the way you think about security systems. By extending the perimeter from the doors and windows into the property, extending the functionalities of that system using virtual sensors, these cameras can identify and stop a threat before it begins.


Security Panel Integration

Your Visualint system and security panel can work together using a control system or VI-Control, our bridge between an existing security panel and Visualint cameras. Both let you arm and disarm camera analytics right from the panel. So, a truck driver can arrive at his company after hours, put in the gate code, and immediately disarm the system without having to make a late-night phone call.


Custom Entry & Exit Delays

It’s more than just arming and disarming the analytics. Integrators can set up custom entry and exit delays based on camera location, movement in and out of driveways, parking lots, back doors, and more. This ensures that an alarm won’t be triggered before an authorized person can arm or disarm the system.


Standalone Video Security

When you don’t have a security system installed, Visualint’s VI-Touch or KPR keypad solution can replace a security panel; they arm or disarm a system from a touch panel or keypad, depending on design. Visualint Touch is ideal for installs with multiple entry and exit points, such as a warehouse, whereas VI-KPR is handy in locations that have a single point of entry, such as an office.