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About Control4

Founded in 2003, Control4 is a leading provider of personalized home automation solutions. They made it their mission to deliver an elegant and affordable way to control an eco-system of lighting, music, security, and energy at the press of a button. By partnering with the biggest brands in consumer electronics, home security, and other fields, they ensured to build a technology that engages efficiently with other devices.

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Create a Smart Home of any Size

Control4 - Gramophone - Home Automation
No matter the size of your home or project, Control4 can manage nearly 10,000 devices through one intuitive system. Whether you wish for Gramophone to install only a few smart door locks or an automated thermostat, the security cameras and the whole house entertainment system at once, Control4 got to covered.
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Control for the Whole Family

Control4 - Gramophone - Home Automation - iPhone - Tablet

The variety of interfaces to manage your smart home makes it easy for the entire family to take control. You can utilize your mobile phone to set the temperature on the way home from work, a keypad to replace many light switches or a touch-screen to open the shades – all run by Control4. 

Seamless Sound

Control4 - Gramophone - Home Automation - Streaming - pandora - Tidal - tunein

Enjoy high-resolution quality music seamlessly throughout your home. From the bedroom to the patio, listen to your favorite streaming services without the need for additional gear with Control4's native support. Sit back and let it's superior clarity blow your mind.

Gramophone - Control4 - Streaming - Pandora


Let's talk about Alexa


Gramophone - Control4 - Amazon Alexa

Wouldn't it be nice to take Alexa to the next level? Now you can! Let one of our specialists help you set up Alexa (or Echo) with the Control4 system and find yourself coming home, lighting up the hallway and turning on your favorite Pandora station with a simple voice command.


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