Crestron's automation and control solutions for commercial buildings and homes allow people to control their entire environment with the push of a button. Integrating A/V, lighting, shading, IT, security, BMS, and HVAC systems provide greater comfort, convenience, and security. All of Crestron’s products are designed to work together as an ecosystem, enabling you to monitor and control everything from one platform.

Complete end-to-end validated system designs

Crestron engineers design complete solutions to ensure premium performance and maximum uptime. Everything integrates seamlessly to deliver scalable, repeatable solutions.

Control systems

Crestron control systems are the core of the intelligent building. They unify all technology and devices in the building on one enterprise-grade device.

Music Integration

Crestron seamlessly integrates their technologies with music platforms to create an environment where music flows freely from room to room with the single touch of a button. See how Sonos and Crestron can work in tandem.

Network appliances

Simple switches connect Ethernet devices to Crestron control systems, which connect to the managed network using just a single IP address.

Digital audio

Crestron offers a complete line of digital HD audio distribution systems, high-powered IP-addressable and audiophile grade amplifiers, 7.3 HD Surround Sound Processors, and high-performance speakers.

Digital video

The Crestron heritage of high-performance video products continues in digital video presentation and distribution systems, multi-window video processors, streaming video and video conferencing solutions, video scalers, and home theater systems.

User interfaces

Crestron solutions can be conveniently controlled from a wide selection of touch screens and remotes, as well as from Mac and Windows based laptops and all Apple and Android smart devices. The user experience is consistent and intuitive across all devices.

Enterprise management software

From a single dashboard, Crestron Fusion enables organizations to monitor and manage AV resources, room scheduling, environmental systems, and energy usage for one building or for an entire global enterprise. Crestron Fusion unifies all technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and energy savings.

Unified communications

Optimize the way you communicate and collaborate with others, so you can achieve your organizational goals. With Crestron, you can leverage your existing infrastructure, and start or join meetings with the single push of a button.


The importance of cables, the conduit through which signals are transported, is often overlooked. Crestron has engineered its own line of structured wire, AV cables, and multimode and single mode fiber. This ensures optimal performance and reliability, even in changing environmental conditions, as well as a path for future upgrades.

Automation sensors

Crestron temperature and occupancy sensors add another layer of automation and energy savings, making buildings as intelligent, comfortable, and efficient as possible. Their photocell sensors are designed for daylight harvesting applications, controlling room lighting based on the presence of natural daylight.


Wired and wireless programmable thermostats communicate with HVAC systems, lighting, and shades to deliver holistic environmental control.

Lighting & shading systems

Crestron lighting and shading systems provide precise control of artificial and natural light to create aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environments, as well as optimize energy savings through daylight harvesting and automated demand response.





Control everything in your home — from lighting, to music, to security, and more — with Crestron.


Crestron is the premier technology partner for business, providing the most dependable, streamlined, and innovative solutions to help your employees stay focused on their work.


Enhance the learning experience inside the classroom and across campus with solutions for K-12 and higher education.

Luxury Transport

Crestron solutions bring luxury, convenience, and productivity to you while you're on the move.


Integrated technologies engage shoppers while ensuring your store runs smoothly and securely.

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