The Top 5 Most Crucial Components of a Home Theater

Home theater systems allow you to enjoy the full experience of a movie theater without the hassle of long lines and loud people (and outrageous popcorn prices). However, reaping the full benefits from a top quality home theater system depends on combining the right components. Here are the five most crucial components that you should consider when building or modifying your home theater.Read More

The Perfect Day for Two

Count on Gramophone for the perfect day for two... and not just you and your special someone, but our two: lighting and automation. Set the mood for the perfect Valentine's Day not with just flowers and homemade dinner, but with gorgeous scenes created with automated lighting and streaming music.Read More
Lutron Shading

Motorized Shades: Worth the Investment?

Motorized shades are an intriguing addition to any home. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to see the benefits to them, at first. Motorized shades are undeniably just cool, in of themselves, but there's far more to them than just upping the awesome factor of a home. Here's what motorized shades have to offer.Read More

ALLie is Awesome

According to ALLie, "ALLie home monitoring dual 360 premium lens camera allows you to navigate across and around your home in the immersive video image without blind spots or ever missing a thing." We couldn't have said it better - but we'll add that it's really, really cool.Read More

How To Choose the Best Home Automation System

Home automation is the next frontier for many homeowners. A few years ago, most of the systems on the market were difficult to use, expensive and designed mainly for very large homes. But today’s systems are much easier to operate, cost effective and can be scaled to control a home entertainment system or the electronic components of an entire home. Through a smartphone, you can remotely control your home from anywhere, and decrease home energy costs while you’re at it.Read More