How To Choose the Best Home Automation System

Home automation is the next frontier for many homeowners. A few years ago, most of the systems on the market were difficult to use, expensive and designed mainly for very large homes. But today’s systems are much easier to operate, cost effective and can be scaled to control a home entertainment system or the electronic components of an entire home. Through a smartphone, you can remotely control your home from anywhere, and decrease home energy costs while you’re at it.Read More

Excellent Review for 802 D3

"I'd dearly like to write more but space is limited (in a five page review!) and I'm rather preoccupied listening to these gems! If the 802 D3 is the loudspeaker that carries Bowers & Wilkins' hopes and dreams aloft for another 15 years then the engineers at Steyning can rest easy. It'll take another generation for its competitors to catch up…"Read More