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8513 GROVEMONT CIRCLE, Call 301-296-6202 to schedule your appointment

Get excited as you view our building from 370- inside is an iFi zone, and several lifelike living spaces integrated with the latest technology. From this location, we are easily accessible to the Greater Washington area, Gaithersburg, Rockville, Durwood, and North Potomac. Our showroom features great brands like Crestron, JBL Theater Speakers & Amplifiers, Sonance, Sonus faberTotem.

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The lighting lab:
Innovation in Lighting Technology

The Lighting Lab by Gramophone lets you experience firsthand the benefits and possibilities of automated lighting. A tour with our experts will show you how your whole home can be connected and preset to your comfort. The touch of a button will activate the settings of your choice — from warm and dimmed lights for comfort to bright and clear for energy and focus. Offering nearly limitless color options, these fixtures also allow you to create striking color combinations and set the perfect mood.

Beyond Sound: the JBL Synthesis Theater is a Symphony for Your Senses

Unleash the magic of the silver screen in your own domain with JBL Synthesis Theater. This isn't just surround sound, it's a portal to another world. Crystal-clear dialogue and heart-pounding action effects envelop you in every scene. Feel the roar of the crowd, the whoosh of a bullet, the tremor of a distant explosion — all with unparalleled precision and realism. JBL Synthesis Theater is custom-crafted for your sanctuary. Expert technicians meticulously tailor the system to your space, ensuring every seat becomes the best in the house. Imagine movie nights transformed into unforgettable events, where popcorn becomes gourmet and PJs feel like red carpet attire.

Unleash the Tribe: Immerse Yourself in Totem Acoustic's Aural Sanctuary

Tribe Theater speakers are precision-crafted instruments, designed to unleash the full fury of the latest blockbuster or the subtle nuances of a chamber orchestra. Crystal-clear highs, earth-shaking lows, and a dialog box that puts you in the front row - Tribe Theater delivers it all, with pinpoint accuracy and spine-tingling realism. Prepare to be transported. Tribe Theater isn't background noise, it's the center of the experience. It's movie night magic. It's front-row seats without leaving your couch. It's Totem Acoustics Tribe Theater.

Beyond Sound, Beyond Sight: The Sonance Discrete Audio EXPERIENCE

Banish bulky speakers that steal the spotlight. Sonance's vision is a world where sound seamlessly integrates, becoming one with your living space. Imagine speakers that vanish into walls and ceilings, radiating rich, immersive audio that seems to emanate from the very air itself. Sonance isn't just about aesthetics, it's about elevating your senses. Crystal-clear highs, heart-thumping bass, and soul-stirring midranges – every note is meticulously delivered, surrounding you in a cocoon of pure auditory bliss.



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