Sonance creates audio solutions for unsurpassed performance combined with the ability to preserve the integrity of your interior design with its “Degrees of Invisibility”. Their philosophy is to develop original products that can be appreciated by architects, interior designers, custom installers, home and business owners alike. Sonance is the most recognized and highly awarded manufacturer in the architectural speaker and outdoor audio category throughout the world.

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~ In-wall & In-ceiling speakers ~

Sonance In-Wall In-CeilinG SPEAKER

In-wall & In-ceiling speakers

From the company that invented the category comes a complete offering of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that balance performance with design. Sonance has solutions to complement any décor and impress the most discerning listener. 


Sonance VisualPerformanceSeries

Visual Performance Series

Sonance Visual Performance Series features an award-winning low-profile grille that is paintable to blend into the wall or ceiling. With three shapes and sizes, several performance levels and a range of specialty application speakers, a consistent look can be achieved for any application in every space.


Sonance- Architectural Series

Architectural Series

Sonance Architectural Series delivers the ultimate blend of high-performance and premium aesthetics. The totally flush and bezel-less grilles disappear into the surrounding ceiling surface while the state-of-the art driver materials and cutting-edge design sets a new standard in audiophile sound quality.


Sonance Invisible Series

Invisible Series

Sonance Invisible Series is the ultimate expression in architectural audio. Installed into the wall or ceiling and then finished over with the surrounding surface, Invisible Series speakers deliver ambient music that emanates throughout the space with no visual footprint..



~ Surround Sound ~


Sonance Surround Sound

Sonance takes entertainment to a whole new level with a range of purpose-built products that are specifically designed to bring out the best in movies, gaming, concerts, and multimedia content. From family rooms, living rooms, and great rooms, right up to dedicated home theaters; Sonance surround sound and cinema products deliver exhilarating sonic performance without compromising the design cues of the space.


Sonance ReferenceSpeakerSub

Reference Speaker & Subwoofers

Inventing, Leading, and Reinventing is in our DNA and it is with this same philosophy that we redeveloped our Surround Sound line. With a focus on achieving premium performance for architectural surround sound, Sonance has set a new standard with Reference Speakers and Subwoofers.

Sonance Soundbar


Sonance Soundbars feature an exclusive patent-pending adjustable width design that perfectly matches the dimensions of any 50” to 80” flat screen display. The minimalistic black perforated metal grille provides a seamless aesthetic that complements modern television designs, while the true 3-way speaker configuration and state-of-the-art driver materials deliver best-in-class sonic performance, with clarity, wide sound stage, and extremely natural





Sonance Landscape

Landscape Series

Sonance Landscape Series is a totally scalable outdoor speaker system that delivers perfectly even volume coverage and unbelievable sound quality throughout any size space. Described by one critic as outdoor sound to “knock their socks off”, SLS provides jaw-dropping sonic performance from small satellite speakers and below-ground subwoofers that are hidden completely out of sight among plants and under foliage.


Sonance Garden

Garden Series

Sonance Garden Series takes elements from the industry-leading Sonance Landscape Series products and creates a simply scaled system ideal for outdoor areas up to 3,500 square feet. Sonance Garden Series is the perfect balance of performance and simplicity in an outdoor audio system.

Sonance Patio


Sonance Patio Series was developed for small scale-spaces that deserve even, balanced coverage of great audio performance. With four satellite speakers and one in-ground subwoofer, powered on a single Sonance DSP amplifier, the system is equipped to provide a great experience for a great value.


Sonance Mariner Rocks

Rocks, Mariners and Extreme

Sonance has a range of high-performance outdoor speakers for any traditional installation. Rock speakers and subwoofers in natural colors and textures; designed to hide in garden beds. Mariner speakers; perfect for courtyards and patios. Extreme in-wall and in-ceiling speakers; perfect for outdoor rooms, under eaves, and demanding marine applications.





Sonance Commercial


Sonance purpose-built commercial loudspeakers can be found in thousands of flagship installations throughout the world. Its expertise in architectural audio, combined with in-depth knowledge of international construction methods, standards, and codes, puts Sonance at the forefront in the field of commercial sound. 

Sonance is specified in many luxury retail boutiques around the world including Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, Barney's of New York, Tom Ford, Prada, Gucci, Dior, Miu Miu, Valentino's, and Fendi.
In addition, Sonance speaker systems can be found in flagship hotel properties such as Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, Trump, Disney, Wynn, Resort World, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, and The Palms.

Sonance is also specified in many high-profile restaurants, retail, and gymnasium chains including Panera Bread, Express, Nike, TGI Fridays, Starbucks, Chili's, Applebee's, Lifetime Fitness, Orange Theory, Pirch, and many more.


Sonance Electronics


Sonance electronics are designed to bring out the very best in the Sonance speakers.  State-of-the-art technology, combined with user-friendly features not only ensures optimum performance, it also simplifies operation and enhances reliability, resulting in a far better overall experience.



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