Game Night Galore

Our client wanted to have a basement that welcomed family, allowed hosting of parties, card games, movie nights, sporting events, as well as a playroom. Implementing all of these entertainment needs in a space that was uniquely structured and had multiple architectural challenges was a hurdle but we were able to develop a final design that was highly functional and beautifully laid out.

The Gramophone Design & Build team suggested a transitional design throughout the space – starting with an open bar and lounge area when entering the basement. We used bright luxury vinyl plank flooring and dark furniture pieces to create a modern, yet warm, feel.
Our team divided the entire space into a bar, lounge and game area with a separate playroom, bathroom, and home theater. The bar, lounge and game area got fitted with a custom-made stained wood wall cover, emphasizing a visual division between each area of the open space. The plateaued home theater got equipped with motorized black leather theater seats with LED functionality and an additional back-bar. Thoughtfully placed decor completed the design, making it the perfect space to relax or enjoy a game night galore.

Gramophone's team created a custom-made proscenium and determined proper sight lines and distances allowed for a 115" Stewart screen accompanied by an Epson 4K projector. This combo maximized size and picture quality for all viewing experiences.
The theater is equipped with an array of Totem speakers and subs to create an impact-full surround sound. Control4 was selected to integrate all systems, and a way to provide ease of use for the family. This allowed us to tie in the Lutron system that controlled the lighting in the space, as well as the custom color changing LED strip lighting built into the tray ceilings in the theater and game area. A cool added feature was deployed with Control4 allowing Alexa for voice command integration of the lighting and a/v equipment.

  • 115" Steward Screen
  • Epson 4K Projector Bundel
  • Totem Tribe In-Wall & Side/Center Speakers
  • Totem Tribe In-wall 12" Subwoofer
  • Totem Atmos Kin In-Ceiling Speakers
  • Control4
  • Lutron RA2 System
  • Color Changing LED Tray Ceiling Lighting
  • Custom-made Stained Wood Wallcover
  • Custom-made Proscenium & Columns