Gramophone in the news

We have been getting some good press and thought we should share it with you. We were fortunate enough to win two awards in the 2009 Electronic Housemagazine Home of the Year awards. Check out these two links for more information including some great pictures of the jobs.Read More

Check out the world of LED TV

At Gramophone, we try to always have the newst technology when it's ready for "prime time". We have on display the latest in HDTV's, flat panel TV's that use LED's for backlighting. We have TV's on display from Sony, Sharp and Samsung that use LED backlights.Read More

Today is DTV transition day!

It's a new day in TV watching today. If you are receiving your TV from a cable or satellite provider everything stays the same for you, but if you use a rooftop antenna or rabbit ears, your TV may not work the way it used to. The fix is simple - you just need a DTV converter box.Read More

The HDTV Experts are In

Imagine my surprise when my own brother-in-law (who bought his HDTV from us at Gramophone but chose to install it himself) asked me over to see how ‘great’ his new TV looked. Great isn’t exactly the word I’d use. Dreadful? Appalling? Now we’re getting there. Read More