PSB Imagine Minis: There’s Nothing Mini About Them

There’s always that kid in elementary school who gets bullied for being on the short side. He’s probably picked last during gym when the class breaks up to play basketball, and he probably gets a neck ache for always having to look up to his peers. But being small doesn’t always mean you’re not good enough. In fact, it’s usually the small kid who has the best jokes, wins the science fair, or is just a great person to be around. What we’re trying to say is that you shouldn’t judge someone by his size. So when we were introduced to the PSB Imagine mini speakers in the Gramophone showroom, we held back our judgements, docked our iPod, and let the speakers to do talking.

The Sound

As soon as we heard our music we stepped back and listened. The sound was so clear, so expansive, and definitely not something either of us expected. Were we really listening to our music on the PSB minis? Every note seemed to exude effortlessly from the speakers, as if sound, even at a higher level, was as nothing to break a sweat over. The PSB minis definitely caught our attention. Even songs with higher and lighter notes blended right in the complexity of the the deeper tunes, creating a harmonic balance that was new to our ears. The reproduced sound equalled that of floor-standing speakers over 3 times their size!

The Looks

We must admit, we’re definitely not fond of speakers, well, their looks that is. The boxy awkward things that overpower a desk or clutter the sleek line of a cabinet is definitely not our favorite. But after searching the showroom floor for 5 minutes trying to find the PSB Imagine minis, we were awestruck. They had been right in front of us the whole time, in fact, we had listened to them last week! The Imagine minis were part of the Peachtree iDecco display. Measuring just under 6” wide, just over 9” high, and 8” deep, the curved modern forms blended in. The tapered back and sloping top with rounded edges gives the minis a sophisticated twist, and definitely not a boxy cluttered look. We even took the fabric screen cover off the front to expose the B&W-looking face and they were still discreet. The minis are lightweight and come in a variety of finishes to match you existing decor and avoid the overpowering feeling speakers are all to familiar with.

The Integration

We listened to the minis with the iDecco but they can also be integrated into a home theater system or just used as computer speakers. Their versatility speaks for itself and at a low price point for such high, uncompromised quality. The minis also come with matching stands and custom brackets to help the integration process run smoothly and seamlessly.

Check out the PSB Imagine minis or, even better, come in to Gramophonetoday to hear them for yourself!

-Julia and Ela