Julia's Internship Experience

I am no stranger to Gramophone. My dad has been a proud owner of several products/systems and just has the biggest smile on his face when ever he walks in the front door. He’s a musician and a movie enthusiast with an incredible Vinyl/CD/DVD collection to boot. My dad has certainly handed down his love for all things music/movie/ and electronic related so ever since I was a wee tot, I joined on his trips to Gramophone. Okay well maybe that’s exaggerating just a bit, but I have definitely had my fair share of weekend Gramophone visits. So when I went looking for internships this spring and saw the ad on Baltimore Collegetown I began my application immediately.

Anticipating my first day brought up more than just a few thoughts. Would they recognize me? Would I be referred to as “Andy’s daughter”? And beyond the fact that I had seen many of my fellow coworkers at my house in the past installing various gadgets, would I even be prepared to work at a real job with only one year of college under my belt? The answer to all of those questions was yes. Gramophone’s marketing department proved to be a rewarding and demanding internship, while staying fun and relaxed so I looked forward to coming back each day. And no, I am not just saying that because I’m writing this for the Gramophone blog or because my boss Kate will read this later this week, or because I have a handsome discount on a Sony Google TV riding on my completion of this insane amount of blogs posts. 

I may not have been paid, but I definitely think I got more out of my experience at Gramophone then they think I gave them. For starters in about 11 weeks worth of work, I built up and incredible portfolio with 25 blog posts (all to be published), 3 press releases (already published), and various other mailers and flyers. I was given the opportunity at 18 years old to build an entire event for the 35 year old business as well as have artistic direction over several printed designs. But most of all I made great friends and a strong business to support my growth and success in the future. The only reservations I have are how impossible it will prove to be to find an internship or even a paying full time job that allows me the same creative outlets and fully recognizes my potential. 

So here’s to you, Gramophone, to all of the employees, Brian and Kate, and to my friends at the Timonium showroom, I will truly miss you all. Thank you for an incredible summer, but now, back to Miami!