Movie Kingdom

Our clients reached out to us after reviewing some of our previous projects and met with one of our client advisors to discuss what they were envisioning for their residential home theater. Together, it was decided that Dolby Atmos surround sound and a Sony 4K HDR Projector were must-haves for their custom-designed space. Once the professional measurements were completed, our team began designing the entryway, seating area and home theater space in the basement to match the rest of the house. Our client asked for the largest screen possible for the front viewing wall, which led us to suggest an acoustically transparent 135” screen from Screen Innovations.  This particular screen took up most of the front wall, which allowed plenty of space for all three front Totem Acoustics speakers to play through the screen flawlessly. Four Totem Atmos in-ceiling speakers were positioned above the seating area and were complemented by Totem in-wall rear surrounds, a JL Audio subwoofer, and an existing Paradigm subwoofer. We designed the equipment rack to be hidden by building it into the wall and controlled the entire space with Control4 automation. The picture quality of the 4K HDR projector was fantastic, and our client was thrilled that the 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sounded even better than what they desired. 

Sound and video quality was not all our client was worried about, however! They particularly loved the color scheme we chose for the walls, ceiling, and carpet paired with the dark stain on the rustic wood beams, the acoustic panel fabric, and the stacked stone column details as originally seen in our Totem Theater in our Timonium showroom. We implemented all these design choices, matched the flooring from our Gaithersburg showroom and finished it off with a beautifully stained entry door. We designed a dry bar that included custom cabinetry, a granite countertop, and a lighted candy case (with key lock). The candy case was an extra touch we added to the seating area to give the room a 'real movie theater' feel, along with several illuminated movie posters.

The most significant challenge we experienced was controlling the climate in the theater space. Retrofitting HVAC can be costly, but we were able to engineer an affordable solution by adding a supply duct and active return that is able to keep the room temperature comfortable for hours of entertainment. Our client's expectations were exceeded, and our team completed the project two weeks early.  Just in time for our client to watch the new season of “Game of Thrones.”

They have since expressed to us that they use their theater almost on a daily basis!

  • Totem Kin In-Ceiling/Center and In-Wall Speakers
  • JL Audio 10” Subwoofer
  • SONY 4K Projector
  • Control4
  • Custom beams and acoustical panels