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Ron Gandy's interest in hi-fi evolved from a passion for music. When his mom didn't buy him the promised record player, he took it upon himself to built his first pair of loudspeakers in nicely sealed cabinets. Hi-Fi Sound reviewed his first hi-fi record deck in 1972 and was perplexed by its excellent performance. Roy worked at ford as a technical editor until he was able to sell his turntables under the name REGA in 1973. Ten years later and Roy had a successful hi-fi factory and found a casting company prepared to work with him to develop an entirely new production method enabling the one-piece tube to be cast–the RB300 and RB250 tonearms were produced! The in-house production of the Bias and Elys cartridges then came to be a vital step on the way to a complete Rega system, followed by the launch of two amplifiers that elevated Rega into the world of electronics. Rega now employs almost 90 people, selling to more than 40 export markets and producing 2000 turntables every month on average.

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Hand-crafted decks: How to make a turntable

Some of Rega's most popular Turntables are the Rega Planar 1 and the Rega RP10 manual turntable. The Planar 1 stands out as an easy to set-up turntable with dynamic, detailed sound and exceptional timing at a small price. 

The Rega RP10 is Rega's new flagship and a featherweight “skeletal” model consisting of a plinth composed from a lightweight nitrogen-foamed polyolefin core, which is skinned with a bonded phenolic resin compound. It features the brand new RB2000 tonearm, a ceramic flywheel effect platter, and the custom RP10 power supply to guarantee the highest level of performance from a Rega turntable to date.