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Panamax is the country's pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration, and control products. For over 40 years they have achieved an international reputation for their unique solutions to the worldwide problem of power disturbances and have earned numerous industry awards for the quality and variety of their products.

Panamax enables your equipment to perform its best. Year after year, top home technology professionals make Panamax their #1 brand.

Advanced Power and Energy Management Solutions

No matter if you have just purchased an advanced and complete home theater system, a single electronic component, an appliance or a computer, the first thing you’ll do is plug it in.
Unfortunately, the great home theater experience you are looking forward to can quickly turn into a disaster as most electronics get plugged directly into a wall outlet. This choice can leave them defenseless against everyday power spikes, voltage occurrences that can degrade your electronics over time and lightning strikes. However, that's not where it ends; protection is also needed on signal and data lines so that your equipment is no longer at risk.


Panamax offers products that are engineered to protect, maximize performance, and add years of trouble-free use to your valuable electronics. You can choose between rackmount and component models as well as floor models.
One of our online favorites is the Panamax PM series for superior performance and elegant design for hi-end home theater and audio systems.


You can find Panamax PM family’s highest level of power filtration in-store or online at SKY by Gramophone. It comes with voltage regulation to ensure components receive a consistent level of clean power. The Panamax M5400 PM 11 Outlet Home Theater Power Conditioner improves picture and sound quality by eliminating noise across the entire AC bandwidth.


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