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Monitor Audio Ltd is a British-owned and managed global specialist in hi-fi loudspeaker design. For over 40 years they have been incorporating stereo and surround sound systems and a range of sonically matched architectural speakers for ultra discreet high quality sound around the home and outside.

Their success is not simply a matter of excellent sound quality, although expert listeners around the world will testify to that. It's more about how they deliver the sonic superlatives. By consistently refining and applying their technologies, Monitor Audio has become the world's foremost expert in developing metal dome drivers. Metal is not the easiest material to shape, which is why many of their competitors choose paper or plastic. But it does have amazing properties for more life-like sound reproduction when treated correctly.

In the strength and depth of Monitor Audio's ever-evolving product portfolio, Monitor Audio continues to demonstrate the power of high quality, high-performance loudspeaker brand that serves every application, taste, and budget - and every possible desire.

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Style, quality, performance, and sophistication.
Whatever your taste and budget you'll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for great sound.

Since hi-fi was in its infancy Monitor Audio dedicated their our technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to the creation of world-class loudspeakers, which communicate the essence of their brand and reward the people who buy them. Monitor Audio wants you to share and enjoy the blend of style, quality, performance and sophistication that makes them unique.



Platinum II

So vividly and with such effortless scale, you’ll believe you’re ten rows from the stage with this high-end audio speaker line.

Monitor Audio Gold


Uncompromised in concept, construction and sound, the Gold Series has been designed to deliver performance to enjoy for a lifetime.


A fabulous combination of engineering excellence and design whatever your hi-fi or home theatre loudspeaker requirements are.


This series will transcend the expectations of its price class and eclipse even its venerated multi-award-winning predecessor Bronze BX.


The Monitor Series delivers detailed audio resolution in both two-channel and multi-channel configurations.


A powerful, yet elegant, loudspeaker that will grace any setting and features technologies from the Platinum II series.




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