Media Room

Media Room



From your favorite action-packed movies and orchestrated dramas to your Sunday sports games and children’s shows, a Gramophone-styled media room can provide you and your family the best audiovisual entertainment experience there is to offer. We’ll set you up with gorgeous interior design, clean system setups (no wires!) and the best TVs and projectors on the market to make sure you never want to get off the couch again.

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The Big Screen Experience

There's not much we can tell you that the video below can't. What we can tell you, however, is that no matter your big screen preferences, whether for a media room or dedicated home theater, we can help you design and install your perfect viewing experience. Contact us today, or check out some of our past projects to see what Gramophone can do for you.



KEEPING IT SIMPLEMedia Room Gramophone simple

Create an inviting space for the family to gather with our help. A sleek TV and sound system make room for your decor and plush furnishings for ultimate comfort. We can provide and install wall-mounted TVs, soundbars, bookshelf speakers, and even gorgeous consoles and furniture.

WIRELESSMedia Room/ TV Room Gramophone Wireless

We pride ourselves on white-glove, clean installation of everything from TVs to sound systems for your living space. Enjoy clean lines as well as wireless soundbar and subwoofer systems. Hide speakers within consoles or lay them flat underneath, or even in the walls and ceilings. Let your new TV steal the show, unmarred with wires and other obstructions.

AUTOMATIONMedia Room/ TV Room Gramophone Automation

Control your TV, sound, lighting and more with the touch of a button from your smartphone, wall-mounted keypad, or mobile device. Make optimal settings for your movie night easily accessible with predesigned audio, lighting and shading schemes. Watching the game or your favorite flicks has never been so easy. Find out more at Connected Home.