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Saul Marantz was an accomplished classical guitarist who was very unsatisfied with the quality of the hi-fi equipment at this time and decided to take it upon himself to create something better. He started his first production in the 1950's out of his basement and later built legendary preamps and amplifiers like the Model 7, Model 8 and 8B with the help of talented engineers out of his factory in New York. 

In the 1960's Marantz made multiple significant moves. NASA found the Model 9 stable enough to be used in tracking stations around the world as part of the famous Apollo space program.
Marantz also decided to relocate to California within this decade.

Fueled by financial backing, innovative product development and additional production facilities in Japan, Marantz experienced excessive growth and expansion in the 1970's. It was also the decade of the famous "2200" receiver, which turned out to become the most successful receiver line in consumer electronics history!

Marantz managed to lead the way in digital audio in North America when they came out with the groundbreaking "CD-63" CD player 1982. They furthermore got into the world of video for the first time with the CDV-780 Laserdisc player.

Marantz experienced many highs and lows in the 1990's. They officially move into audio/video with their first THX-certified amplifier and receiver, their first LDC video front projector and a plasma monitor. Sadly, Saul Marantz "moved to even higher fidelity" – a significant loss to the industry.

High definition takes over in the 2000's, and Marantz's hard work and dedication made it possible for them to grow their video reputation, formulated by the new Reference Series among other products, just as fast as they did a half-century earlier with audio.

Because music matters

To Marantz, perfect specifications and technical accomplishment count for nothing unless a product can unlock the power, the excitement, and the emotion of music. Their heritage of technical excellence means they can create components with the ability to communicate the scale, timbre, pitch, and dynamics—in fact, the very essence—of a recording. Every Marantz component is technically and cosmetically designed to complement the lifestyle of the listener.

Celebrating 40 Years of Passion

Designed to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of legendary Marantz sound master, Ken Ishiwata, PM-KI Ruby features pinnacle performance that’s synonymous with Marantz excellence. Complete with thoughtful engineering, painstaking tuning, and extensive listening sessions, PM-KI Ruby achieves the elevated output worthy of its name. Elegantly shows Ishiwata’s laser-engraved signature to commemorate the design and heightened listening experience that honors the decades-long partnership between him and Marantz.