Saul Marantz, the legend behind Marantz's audio experiences, was a true pioneer of Hi-Fi.
Surrounded by music, Marantz found that a home music system that met his exacting standards in the early 1950's did not exist. He envisioned an entirely new architectural idea for sound reproduction. Employing his skill in electrical engineering, he built the proof of his concept - the Audio Consolette, a Hi-Fi pre-amplifier designed for the home.
In 1953, Saul's passion project became a business, and the Marantz Audio Company was born from his home in New York. Some of the most experienced globally engineer Marantz's products.
Today, wherever you are in the world, you can reach out and touch Marantz.

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Exquisite, perfectly pure power for connecting sources and driving loudspeakers. Amplifiers are the beating heart of a Hi-Fi.


av receivers

AV Receivers

AV Receivers are the master and commander of a home theater. Use an AVR to connect devices to your TV and feel every moment of excitement and subtlety.


AV Separates

Audio/Video separates place key components in individual enclosures for ultimate power, control, and flexibility. Divide and conquer.


CD Players

Faultless in their stability, quiet operation and perfect sound. Marantz CD / SACD players extract the finest details from your favorite recordings..

Network Audio Players

Peerless Marantz streaming - from music servers or from the cloud. Crafted to deliver the quality and sound you expect from Marantz.






Designed to celebrate the 40-year anniversary of legendary Marantz sound master, Ken Ishiwata, PM-KI Ruby features pinnacle performance that’s synonymous with Marantz excellence. Complete with thoughtful engineering, painstaking tuning, and extensive listening sessions, PM-KI Ruby achieves the elevated output worthy of its name. Elegantly shows Ishiwata’s laser-engraved signature to commemorate the design and heightened listening experience that honors the decades-long partnership between him and Marantz.




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