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JL Audio started when school friends Jim and Lucio began building loudspeakers for sun during their summer break. They started selling them to friends and on markets and hen turned it into a small business.
JL Audio opened their first retail store called "speaker Warehouse" in the 1970's, selling home loudspeakers, DIY speakers kits and DJ speaker systems. 
By the 1980's Speaker Warehouse expanded to three locations and became full retailers for a wide range of services, including installation, home audio, professional and car audio systems. The turning point was when Lucio decided to build his own low-frequency drivers for car equipment.
From then on JL started to create a big buzz around their car systems by winning multiple shows with multiple cars at the same time in the 1990's. Magazines began to write about them, and car dealers from around the country wanted to find out more about their products–it was time for JL Audio to think about a "national" business.

They started their journey to a worldwide business by building a rep network and signing up with independent retailers who specialized in high-end installation work. By the mid-1990's the company was no longer a small business and added many employees along with moving to their present 140,000 sq ft headquarters in Miramar, Florida.
JL Audio entered into the home audio market in 2003 when Carl Kennedy, a vastly experienced loudspeaker systems designer, and studio engineer, joined the company. The following year, they brought a marine audio product line to the market. 
Their "CleanSweep" DSP processor created a new category of mobile audio products in 2005.
The companies mission to "Sell Great Audio" and the entrepreneurial success has been made possible by the investment of talented and passionate "audio people."