James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker was established in the San Francisco Bay area in 1999 by a group of dedicated audio engineers, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs. James Loudspeaker has established itself as a world leader and innovator in both high-performance residential and commercial speaker solutions, providing products for exclusive homes, forward-thinking businesses, and upscale marine applications. James Loudspeaker takes pride in its ongoing spirit of innovation, unprecedented customization capabilities, flawless sonic reproduction, and excellence in design and build. James Loudspeaker products deliver the ultimate entertainment experience while maintaining a minimal visual presence in interior or landscape designs.

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Small Aperture Speakers

Small Aperture® Collection

Make your home come alive with James SA Series 3-way systems.
These systems pack 38Hz and broad dispersion in an industry first 3” aperture with seamless edge detail. The deep bass and comprehensive frequency response generated from such a small visible opening are not only pleasing to the ear but unobtrusive to the beauty of your home. All aircraft aluminum construction and a modular design provide long life and easy service. The SA series matches industry-standard lighting trim kits allowing integration with similarly styled lighting products.


Classic In-wall Speakers

Classic in-wall BE Series

Perfection, to some, is the absolute expression of deep, accurate, and dynamic sound. Now this incredible mixture of innovation and experience brings you a new class of in-wall speakers.  The BE series from James Loudspeaker features a proprietary Multi-directional Beryllium-copper tweeter array. This arrangement provides a seamless, precise soundstage that assures extensive coverage of the listening area with uniform sound quality. Beryllium is exceptionally light and creates a 2nd resonance break-up mode beyond 22kHz for an incredible 40kHz high-frequency extension.


In-Wall QX series Speakers

In-wall qx series

James introduces the QX Series, an entirely new line of in-wall and ceiling speakers which sets new standards for performance, appearance, and installation ease. The Quad tweeter array redefines speaker performance in this size and price class by providing high SPL, low distortion, high power handling, and extensive coverage angle. Designers love the new grille design that only protrudes 3/16” above the mounting surface and has an edgeless design for a very sleek look.
Installers appreciate the ease of installation as the QX Series fits standard 4” wall construction. And, of course, James’ proprietary welded aircraft aluminum ensuring minimal acoustic internal resonance.




In-wall, in-ceiling, and in-cabinet Subwoofer System.
Inconspicuous by design, James PowerPipe Subwoofers offer a seamless fusion of innovative technology and revolutionary performance. James’ bandpass design produces a thunderous performance while delivering smooth frequency response and tight transitions. Tube flexibility allows for multiple port placement options. Rubber support straps suspend the PowerPipe between rafters, eliminating vibrations

Freestanding Subs & Speakers

James’ Innovative array of forward-thinking features and patented technologies achieve flawless and faithful sound. James Loudspeakers EMB subwoofers have redefined the subwoofer category. They bring astonishing clarity of tone, harmony, and voice to life. Designed for listeners that demand the very best, EMB subwoofers deliver lower distortion, smoother frequency response, tighter transitions, and more significant bass extension than conventional designs.



James has pioneered the design of ultra-slim soundbars and now offers two complete Series.
The SPL3 Series features a 3.5” woofer and is a mere 1.5” deep yet plays down to 90 Hz. The SPL6 Series features 6.5” woofers for deep bass and high SPL at only 2.75” deep. Both series feature LCR, Stereo, and James’ famous Centergy configurations. All bars are constructed of aircraft aluminum, custom-sized to fit your display, and include custom brackets. A wide range of matching on-wall/in-wall surrounds and subwoofers are available to complement any James soundbar.
The NEW QX Series from James Loudspeaker includes a performance that is second to none. QX Series in-wall LCR Bars: Quite simply the world’s finest speakers. Our pleasure, your enjoyment.


Outdoor Speakers

Under Eave 
James Loudspeaker creates innovative products to complete your outdoor system. For example, our Under Eave speakers feature solid aluminum enclosures and offer custom colors.
Subterranean Subs
James Landscape Series offers you precise audio performance for the outdoor environment with an unlimited choice of installation configurations. All James Loudspeaker products are timbre-matched, resulting in an unrivaled audio experience. Having attained excellence in design, technology, and superior sound, James has mastered outdoor entertainment. Their subterranean subwoofer’s direct burial and compression bandpass design provide an earthshaking experience.
Available in four sizes to fit a multitude of applications.