Rockin' & Rollin'

Gramophone and its Design & Build team worked together to design and create this elegant but casual theater, inspired by and evolved from the aesthetics of the client's yacht. Black mohair and alligator leather textures along with vintage touches set this space apart from others considered off the shelf. To keep the space neat, the projector was hidden away in a projector room behind the theater, while components were nestled away in a rack tower. As well as that the video quality and in-wall Meridian sound system could rival that of any Baltimore home theater.

  • Classic Leather Custom Designed Wedge Sofa features mohair and alligator leather, while Fine Art sconces lend sophistication to the space
  • DPI Titan Quad Lamp Projector established in its own separate projector room
  • Crestron Control and Automation give the homeowner easy access to and control over AV and lighting systems with an iPad
  • Theater seats of the client, an avid "rocker", are enabled not only to have a motorized reclining function but also the ability to rock