A Nod to Harley-Davidson

Our client owns a Harley Davidson motorcycle and wanted a dedicated home theater themed after this passion of his. The Gramophone Design & Build team came into the project to add the finishing touches of the design including columns, custom acoustic panels, front build out, decorative lighting, flooring, and railing installation.

Our client also wanted to be able to watch movies and tv shows in their correct aspect ratios while occupying the maximum amount of screen space, without exposed empty space on the screen. The Sony 4K projector and masking screen we installed provided this ability and a wonderful solution to the client.

  • A 4K Sony Projector with Electrimasking Stewart Screen masks between a 100" 16:9 and a 125" 2.35:1 viewing area
  • Left, right, center speakers and a primary subwoofer are concealed in the front wall of the theater, while in-wall speakers and a second, in-wall subwoofer were added to create a 7.2 system
  • A distracting exercise room door was incorporated into a "lobby layout" using a flooring change and decorative ceiling mount fixture
  • Decorative iron railing has an end post capped with a custom top to mimic the iconic Harley Shield