New Experience

In an effort to create a new showroom that stood as a monument to what Gramophone can accomplish all on its own, we designed our new Gaithersburg showroom from top to bottom. It was to feel like one of our clients' homes, and little like a retail space. After much research, we decided to transform the empty concrete rectangle we were given into a finished space that brought together rustic elements with industrial design. The space would include a patio, bar, rec room, listening room and fully functioning theater.

We included some elements from our other stores into the design. "Film Strip" niches were placed on the fronts of the bulkheads leading back to the theater, and our Gramophone logo is found etched into a piece of old metal right as you enter, an immediate focal point of the store entry, branding this new location as part of the legacy we have built.

  • We had the luxury of designing the theater to include proper specifications for seating, platforms and sound. It also has a 140" screen for the ultimate viewing experience.
  • Marble counters, intricate tiling, plank wood and industrial metal elements create an avant garde and modern look to complement the metropolitan area of D.C.