A Phoenix Rising

This project was unique in that the home was destroyed in an electrical fire that burnt it to the ground. The technology that was supposed to alert authorities was unable to due to a quick and devastating burn.

Upon the client’s desire to rebuild and rejuvenate life into the three-acre wooded home site, they knew they needed to carefully partner with a team that could help bring their architect’s vision of a natural, minimalist, and decluttered approach to reality. The goal was to raise from the ashes a home that beautifully blended into the forestry preserve setting in Greenspring Valley, Maryland.

Gramophone was interviewed and knew this was going to be a fun, yet a challenging task to take on. “How could we say no to working with vanishing shades, invisible speakers, controls & tech that needed to disappear when not in use, and lighting that had never been used before in like residential applications?” recalls Andrew Davis of Gramophone. We knew the only way to deliver the end goal was to not only be hired as the A/V team, but also as the electrical team. Ultimately, we proved to be the right selection and were added to the team for help with lighting advisory, high voltage electrical services and audiovisual installation.

  • The Lutron QS system directly controls:
  • (3) Homeworks Panels for centralized dimming and control of all lighting.
  • Fifteen Sivoia roller shades that beautifully disappear into pockets made by Lutron and field customized Gramophone to disguise shading equipment. This allowed for us to preserve sight lines and not obstruct views.
  • Car Visor Controls to operate a full-size Airplane hangar garage door system.
  • Seven (7) zones of HVAC, programmed and wired to remotely locate thermostats with local temperature sensing.
  • Integration with a Honeywell Security System to provide life safety event control.
  • Operation of specialty environments such as electrochromic glass in the master shower, room occupancy sensing to shut off unused spaces, and to eliminate redundancy of localized controls. Additionally, operating all landscape & pool lighting ecosystems.