A Hockey Haven

This client came to us about a year ago when he was inspired by one of our Design and Build projects and decided that it was time to turn his home theater dream into a reality. An avid hockey fan, he wanted a space where he and his family could cheer on their favorite team, the Capitals. There was an unfinished room in his home that was largely serving as storage that was perfect for this project. With very specific budget and AV requirements from our client, we were able to meet all of his requests and complete the project within six weeks. As a nod to the Capitals, we incorporated some of the team's color palette into our design. At some point his framed jerseys may adorn the walls, but for now they live happily just outside the theater!

  • Design elements inspired by our client's favorite team
  • The theater features an Epson LS9600e projector and a Lutron lighting system that is easily controlled from an iPad
  • Leather seating from IMG