Chain Grill Restaurant Dining Area

Gramophone created a 10 zone high quality audio system for the third branch we've done for Stanford Grill in Rockville, MD. The goal of this project was to maintain high quality audio while ensuring smooth usability with the addition of feeding live sound. Our client wanted a comprehensive system that could be used for both streaming music and live sound input, that was also easily manageable by employees and musicians. The system also had to be tuned so that when switching between live sound and other music sources that the volume levels in all ten zones of the restaurant would be similar.

Our team constantly stayed on track finding creative solutions for wiring, installation and speaker locations to accord to building standards and our client's needs. The speakers Gramophone installed can maintain high quality, full sound at either low or very high volumes. A separate area for private dining includes an audio zone as well as a TV we installed, and a PC floor input. Each zone of audio can be directed independently by large touchpanels installed in both the office and private dining area.

  • 3 Outdoor Zones with Discrete Outdoor Speakers
  • Outdoor dining area with custom speakers mount into existing railing
  • All speakers are completely hidden to meet landlord specifications
  • Cabling for outdoors was run long distances through parking garage and included a combination of 70 volt amps and speakers in some areas
  • Sonance speakers, custom railing speakers, Crestron control and audio distribution, Furman power line conditioning and a Pakedge network all complete this project's fluidity and ease of use