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Our client wanted the very best for his office area and club room, including a place to smoke cigars and listen to hifi audio from a McIntosh speaker system. Gramophone installed and integrated multiple systems and equipment racks into his suite of offices covering over a half floor of space. High quality installation and attention to detail were critical and precise between integrating multiple Crestron and McIntosh systems, and installing exotic and fragile wall materials. In the end our client was extremely satisfied with the sophistication and class of the completed project.

  • 19 TVs and 9 equipment racks were integrated into the suite of offices covering over a half floor of space
  • Crestron Compact Control Systems, automated lighting and TVs, and McIntosh Surround Sound systems guarantee a stunning corporate experience
  • Exotic materials, from dyed horse hair, to skate skin, to Brazilian mahogany, were used as wall coverings for a high end aesthetic and acoustical design
  • A special smoke exchange system was installed for a cigar room to prevent smoke from triggering sprinklers throughout the building