Audio Island

We have a client who lives on a peninsula on a river that feeds into the Chesapeake.
They reached out to us as they and wanted to create a seamless entertainment experience around the entire premises as a component of a major landscape and outdoor area redo so that no one would ever miss a beat, no matter where they were.

Part of the project was the renovation of their pool and pool house, and to create an engaging outdoor entertainment experience surrounded by the beautiful views of the water, we added a high performance 75" HDTV and surround sound system to the pool house and updated the speaker system around the pool to provide smooth, full-range music coverage.

Our team provided coverage of five areas: the pier, the pool, the kitchen deck, the driveway, and the main outdoor area. The main outdoor area includes a deck over the water, main deck, and a fire pit. We also provided Wi-Fi coverage for the entire outdoors, as well as automated lighting control for all of their interior and exterior light fixtures. An existing Lutron lighting system was nearing its limits and we had to add a second system to expand coverage. This could have created some inconvenience for the client having to operate 2 separate systems, but we resolved the issue by integrating the 2 lighting systems together as one system through a Crestron home automation system.

Our customer is excited to expand their Gramophone experience to the great outdoors and to invite friends and family over to enjoy the beautiful views highlighted with the magic of music and accent lighting to set the mood.

  • Outdoor audio: 1 hybrid Sonance LS47/LS48 system
  • Two custom Sonance LS48 systems and two custom LS68 systems for outdoor audio
  • A total of 42 satellite outdoor speakers and 8 subwoofers got installed
  • Pool house got equipped with a 75" 4K Sony TV and Totem Tribe In wall surround sound
  • Lighting system consisting of two Lutron RA2 lighting systems bridged with a Crestron processor