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Everyone has Wi-Fi nowadays, but your home network can be the cause of many annoyances throughout the day. Does your network slow down when multiple people are using it or when you’re trying to stream video? Do you have dead zones in your house where nothing will ever load? Traditional routers are only built for smaller areas, so if you have a large home, you’re likely going to encounter problems with weak signals. The usual fix for this issue is to install boosters throughout your house. This works to an extent but often falls short. So what’s the solution? Are we stuck with bad Wi-Fi forever?

Gramophone takes an entirely different approach. Instead of taking weak signals and trying to make them stronger, we will hard wire your house so that you have a strong signal in every room. Forget about dead spots and slow speeds. With our setup, you’ll be able to get high-speed service regardless of what you’re doing or how many people are on your network. You need Wi-Fi that works for your lifestyle, not the other way around. With Gramophone, that’s what you get.





Experience the power and robust capabilities of an enterprise-grade system on a residential budget. Or let us install a network that's just perfect for basic computing, and integration with AV systems that require wifi streaming. Best of all, enjoy technology, automation systems, and computing without frustration.



Welcome to your new technology experience. The complex array of high tech equipment running behind the scenes makes it all possible. Keep all of the devices and your network online and optimized with one of our Client Care Programs.

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Making use of the best products in the market, you can live securely and enjoy Wifi that follows your devices. Roam freely with no dead spots—even by the pool. Perfect for whole home and property-wide coverage.