Furman AC power management for professional


Furman is the ultimate brand in AC power management for professionals, such as musicians, sound engineers, broadcasters, and systems integrators. Furman's technologies have not only protected billions of dollars' worth of equipment from power-related complications but also helped to maximize A/V system performance, making them "the leader in AC power conditioning, protection and distribution solutions for audio, video and broadcast professionals."

Most of our clients at Gramophone have a vast appreciation for sophisticated audio and video technology and expect top performance from their newly installed systems. Unfortunately, today's power grid didn't go with the times and is increasingly troubled. Furman's solutions are here to prevent damage to sensitive components and performance issues caused by AC problems.

Regular surge suppressors solely "take the bullet" when your equipment gets exposed to voltage irregularity, which might enable it to be repaired or replaced but often damage internal components by letting voltage pass into the system till no turning back.

Furman's Series Multistage Protection (SMP) technology works differently than most systems as it reduces the overall energy level of a voltage spike to a fraction of what the camping device can handle, protecting itself and your equipment.

Our team at Gramophone loves to utilize Furman's Home Theater Series' Elite and Reference.

Elite Series

Furman Elite Series

With Ultra-Linear Filtering and Power Factor Technology, the Furman Elite Series is engineered to provide today’s home theater systems with clean, ultra-low noise AC power to assure maximum AV equipment performance.

Reference Series

For premium home theater systems where flawless performance is essential, the Reference Series delivers discrete symmetrically balanced power to connected equipment effectively, canceling all common mode line noise.