For more than four decades, Focal has created speaker drivers and high-end loudspeakers that deliver a unique sound. Our brand values are innovation and performance; excellence and pleasure. We are globally renowned for our exclusive technologies. The result of this technological heritage is class-leading products offering natural, authentic performance, imbued with clarity and power. With our collection of acoustic loudspeakers, we bring you excellent listening quality, both in stereo and Home Cinema set ups, through solutions with an exceptional design.

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The legend continues

The embodiment of Focal excellence, the Utopia III Evo line is distinguished
by its incredible silhouette, cutting-edge, exclusive technology,
finishes inspired by the luxury car industry, and, of course, the
unrivaled listening experience they deliver. They are also home to the
best components of their generation, like their cabling that is manufactured
in France. Utopia is an icon, and still streets ahead of the rest.



Grande Utopia has left an indelible mark with each generation; it is Focal's most successful concept. With its exceptional performance and unique style, it is no longer simply a monument to technology, it is also a sound sculpture. Each speaker driver is housed inside a separate box. These boxes make up the spectacular spinal column of the loudspeaker and can be tilted by a dedicated handle. This adjustable 'Focus Time' function means you can achieve an absolutely perfect sound image based on the configuration of your room.


SOPRA - Revealing the invisible

The Sopra range gloriously releases the essence of music: you will feel like you are listening to some sounds for the very first time. In addition to finishes in Carrara White, Black Lacquer and Electric range, Sopra N°1, N°2, and N°3 are also available in Light Oak and Black Oak, the wood having been meticulously crafted by our cabinet-makers in order to bring you unique pieces. Having total mastery over its available space, Sopra is a delight for aesthetes of form and sound.


KANTA - Performance meets style

Kanta is all about superb performance in an even more tightly controlled space. Precision, detail, warmth, and musical sounding are its key sound characteristics. The range also stands out for its modern design and decidedly disruptive aesthetics. The front panels of its four models, in either a lacquered or a matte finish, offer various combination options to cater to all tastes and to suit diverse environments.

CHORA - Step into High-Fidelity

Chora is proof that the manufacturing of affordable products in France does not mean skimping on listening quality or the choice of a sophisticated style signature. Equipped with the slate fiber cone - a Focal technology that delivers a unique 'slate' effect - these melodious, must-have loudspeakers combine performance and design as a first foray into the High-Fidelity and Home Cinema universe.


SUBWOOFERS - Dynamics, impact, and power

The subwoofer is a major component of any audio installation, providing dynamics and intensity. With their seductive design, Focal subwoofers offer deep, impactful and powerful bass. They effectively complement a wide range of audio set-ups, from the ultimate Home Cinema installations to the most compact hi-fi systems.



Focal headphones offer sophisticated design and all the intimacy of a personal & passionate listening experience that will take you to the heart of the music. 
Listening in total intimacy. These high-end headphones were recognized as the best in the world, and they'll satisfy your demands for pure sound.
The only high-fidelity earphones on the market, offering a genuinely trendy design and optimal comfort!
Focal Professional headphones meet the expectations of the most demanding artists and sound engineers: precision and neutrality are the guarantees of a perfect mix.