Who the Heck is JR and Why Should You Care?

So what gives me street cred as an expert in A/V and more? Well, 10 years in retail at a NYC area audio store in the 70s followed by 30 years working for a several audio manufacturers in sales, marketing and product development roles including a 5 year stint as an industry consultant (1990 – 1995). In 2005 circumstances led to me starting up my A/V consulting company once again. From 2005 to 2008 I traveled the US and Canada delivering Certification review courses and a full day Home Theater Audio Boot Camp of my creation to installation professionals under the auspices of CEDIA (Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association).

Why should you care about all this? Well, I’m going to be filling this ongoing blog with information relative to home theater, audio/video systems, listening skills, high-end audio, home automation, control systems, and much more. It’s really important that you understand the stuff I’ll be posting won’t be driven by manufacturers, Gramophone staff or a desire to specifically sell you something. Sure, Gramophone wants to sell you products and services. But they’re smart enough to know that in order to compete in this ever changing environment they need to offer you benefits that you just won’t find elsewhere. So I guess you can look at me as “your kindly old Uncle who’s in the business”. Hopefully you’ll send me some general questions on the above topics that I can answer in the blog. I’m confident that I can provide information of broad interest in response to your questions so other readers will benefit as well.