NuVision: Anything less than the best isn't good enough.


Over the years, Gramophone has developed a reputation for selecting and providing the best in consumer electronics.  So, it comes with no surprise that Gramophone has brought into the mix a new company with a new vision.  NuVision is a premiere TV manufacturer that is American engineered and designed.

Never heard of them? That's pretty likely but won't be that way for long,  NuVision has made a splash in consumer electronics that is here to stay. They offer 19"-72" LCD and LED models that can be equipped with the latest 3D technology. These televisions look so amazing because only the finest, and most advance parts are used to build them.

"To achieve a superior image, we start with only the best components, cut no corners, engineer proprietary hardware and firmware solutions for the most critical circuitry, and spend 4 to 6 times longer than the typical TV manufacturer optimizing our designs and tuning our sets before they leave the factory." - NuVision.

So the picture is breathtaking, the footprint is minimal, their bezel is extruded aluminum not plastic, and there are no distracting logos or framing components that make the panel look odd. NuVision's attention to architectural lines allow the product to be seamlessly incorporated into any room. 

So what could be better? How about having the ability to customize your TV with a UColor feature that allows you to customize the frame with any color or design you provide. NuVision's options for customization don't stop at the color choices for the bezel.  Options also allow for specific sized televisions to become a full mirror when turned off.  So picture this, your TV doesn't need to look like a TV anymore.  When wall mounted it's just a slim, sleek mirror.

Since the parts used are the best, attention to detail is of the highest tier why not warranty it the longest? NuVision has the industry's best "White Glove" service agreement and offers a 2 year hassle free warranty on every set. They take it one step further by guaranteeing a 48 hour turn around repair or replacement within receiving word of a problem.

In mid-October 2010, Gramophone participated in NuVision's U.S. launch of their televisions, and hosted an event, "Indulge The Senses" over two days.

Ultimately words can't describe these televisions, so I invite you into our showrooms for a demonstration of what could be possibly the finest flat panels made.

-Andrew Davis