NAD's Focus: Simplicity & High Quality Internal Components

NAD is back at Gramophone, and I'm glad because my first experience with them was in the late eighties when I heard just how good a 30 watt per channel stereo receiver sounded running a pair of ADS speakers. Over the last 25 years they have probably been known as one of the best values in audio. The company's goal has always been to design a superior sounding product at a lower cost. One of the ways they've done this is by packaging it in a very basic chassis. No fancy lights or too many buttons.  Instead their focus has been on simplicity & high quality internal components.

What makes an NAD?

  • Just pick one up or look inside and see the difference. 
  • Just listen to one and you'll hear how good it sounds. But, don't let the modest power rating fool you. All of these amps can more than double their power in peak output.
  • When it's connected to their sister company's speakers, PSB, the setup is nothing short of spectacular.

For Home Theater: 

Give one a listen in one of our showrooms and experience it for yourself. 

And, we're not the only ones impressed with NAD's sound.  Take a look at what the magazine reviews are saying.

-John Zucchet