Meet The Behind-the-Scenes Experts at Gramophone

Meet Brian: The Man Behind it All

Over 30 years ago, he was a 20-something year old with an idea.  Since then, Brian’s idea has evolved into two nationally recognized showrooms, one of the top ten largest custom retailers in the United States, and Audio Video International’s Retailer of the Year for over 10 consecutive years.  From selling great sound systems to audiophiles in the late 70s to ringing in the 21st century by providing the best home entertainment and automation, Gramophone has been meeting the needs of its clients since day one.

Meet Matt: Our Install Manager

Matt has been a part of the Gramophone team since 1995.  As our Installation Department Manager, he scopes clients' projects prior to sending installation teams, maintains internal projects in the showrooms and the service department.  Matt also maps out the length of a project and if any specialties are needed to complete the project seamlessly.  Matt is our in-house computer network guy, and keeps us up and running on a daily basis.

Meet Kurt:  Project Manager

As project manager, Kurt is in constant contact with everyone, from the engineering and programming departments at Gramophone to the other contractors on his jobs.  He makes sure that each of the contractors on the project are able to work together to keep the client’s project running smoothly. Kurt also acts as a resource for our installation teams and regularly walks the installers through jobs that he has scoped.  He remains with the install teams to show them tricks of the trade or to provide assistance with another set of hands. In addition to all of this, he assists back at the office by working with sales representatives to recommend certain equipment for the job and confirm that work orders are complete.  He keeps himself busy, but we can tell he loves what he does, just ask one of the many clients who have let us know how appreciative they are to have had Kurt on the job.

Meet Sue:  Our Custom Installation Coordinator

Eight years ago, Sue joined the Gramophone team.  She's the one who's going to coordinate everything from your personal project manager's site visits, to your install team's work days, to any programming that needs to be integrated.  She will work with your sales representative, system engineer, design team, and our warehouse manager to make sure your project comes together smoothly and efficiently.

Meet Gabe:  Our Systems Engineer

At the end of August 2000 when Gabe joined the team as our systems engineer, Gramophone changed the way we document and construct systems for each of our clients.  He provides insight to our sales representatives and provides them with various options for the many decisions that accompany the design of your perfect system.  By developing flowcharts and other engineered plans for each project in advance of installation, your system will be installed with precision.

Meet Gus:  Our CAD Specialist

Gus joined us in 2007 as our full-time CAD Specialist.  To provide the most accurate documentation and design, Gus will create blueprints of your space to assist our design team, engineering, and install departments with both the technical and aesthetic design of your project. At the end of the project you will be provided with the detailed blueprints to keep for future updates.

Meet Bethany:  Our Space Planner & Interior Designer

Bethany joined the team in January 2007 as our full-time, space planner and on-staff interior designer.  She regularly works with clients, their interior designers & architects, or both to ensure that the final design provides our client with the best experience.  Working closely with the rest of the design team, Bethany’s designs have been featured in magazines and have made many clients’ dreams come true. 

Meet Jeff:  Our Lighting Design Technician

As our lighting designer and programmer, Jeff regularly works to make sure our clients’ spaces feel warm and welcoming whether the sun is shining or not.  With extensive knowledge of the lighting and shading systems Gramophone offers to our clients, Jeff works with clients and our design team to create ambiance throughout indoor and outdoor spaces.  With the light touch of a button, your space can transform from daytime to movie time:  shades down, lights dimmed or off, and ready for viewing.

Meet Jay: Our Programming Department Manager

2004 was a turning point for Gramophone’s programming department.  Jay Basen joined the team and created a starting lineup of programmers who are dedicated to creating home automation systems for our clients.  Jay also developed the framework we currently use from job to job to ensure a consistent, stable system that contains every feature you will ever need.  He has the ability to make automating any size home look like a piece of cake.

Meet Barb:  Our Service Department Manager

As the weeks and months pass after your project has been installed, you may find the need to call on us with questions or concerns.  Barb, our Service Manager, will assist you with either offering solutions over the phone or scheduling a technician who is intimately familiar with your system to come to your home.  Barb manages the many aspects of maintaining a fully functional service department by providing loaner equipment, providing prompt service, and keeping our clients updated as to the status of repairs and service issues.  

Meet Mike:  Our Warehouse Manager

You may have met Rich and Chris, our dynamic delivery duo, but it’s Mike who’s scheduling those deliveries, confirming receipt of products, and keeping everything organized so when it comes to loading up for a client’s project, we’re ready to roll.  Mike’s been with us since 2001, and has been working with everyone to ensure our clients end up with exactly what they ordered, and that the product is in pristine condition. 

Meet Lisa:  Our Office & Accounting Manager

Lisa has been an integral part of the Gramophone team since she joined us in 2005.  As the years have passed, she has happily taken on increasing numbers of responsibilities. As our office and accounting manager, she takes care of all the paperwork that keeps our vendors happy, our co-workers happy, and our customers happy.  If you are in the store, you’re bound to be greeted by her smile upon entering the Design Center.

Meet Tracy:  Our Purchasing Manager

As of 2000, our entire purchasing system changed when Tracy joined the team.  Tracy works closely with all of our vendors to ensure our clients’ orders are completed and arrive in time for scheduled deliveries and installations.  In addition to working with the sales representatives to place orders, she also collaborates with both the installation department and warehouse for delivery orders, custom install projects, and our inventory.  We’re so glad to have enhanced this system, and to have Tracy as part of the team.  

When you work with Gramophone; you're working with the experts, and a great team.  You may know your salesperson, the install team, and programmers, but to make your dreams come true, the whole team works diligently on your project, from start to finish.  We look forward to working with you in the near future.