Make Way For Spring, and an Outdoor Sound System!

The silent, grey scape of Winter is falling behind us. Make way for Spring: green is peeking through and buds are beginning to appear. Warm winds and sunny lounging sessions in your custom-designed backyard await you.

And when we say custom, we mean custom: Anything you want, we can build, from fully automated outdoor lighting to set the scene for your first garden party of the year, to a hidden outdoor sound system for relaxing listening while you sunbathe, or to accompany your poolside theater. Let your imagination bloom - we’ll be sure to accommodate it!

In the meantime, consider taking us up on our offer to save $1000 on a complete outdoor sound system, (originally priced at $3,999.) This system includes a music system tailored to your landscaping needs, 8 outdoor speakers for interconnected sound, an in-ground camouflaged subwoofer, and our signature white-glove customer service to help build your dream along the way.* Contact us today for more information!

While you dream of Spring, don’t forget all of the services Gramophone can provide to you:

  • Automated lighting you can control from your PC, cellphone or car, so that driveways and pathways are perfectly lit upon your arrival
  • Lighting environments that can be accessed with the touch of a button from a wall mounted keypad, or complete integration with your remote control system
  • Easy installation of projectors and outdoor screens with custom light-blocking solutions
  • Remote, wide-range systems bring your favorite TV network provider to outdoor setups
  • Weather-proof, outdoor TVs and outdoor theaters
  • Scalable speaker systems that deliver volume and coverage through any landscape
  • Low-profile, camouflaged or hidden speakers so your landscape looks complete without any interruptions
  • Custom landscaping and exterior design from our in-house Design & Build team

Happy Spring!