Love where you work!

BDI Love Where You Work!

Have you ever considered how much of your life is spent in your office every year? Well, let’s just say that the answer is A LOT! But working is a big part of our everyday lives, and it’s important to love where we work as much as we love the work itself. Having office furniture that is elegant and efficient can truly make a difference in your every day, in your performance, and in how you face your work’s challenges. 

BDI offers office furniture that combines modern engineering and innovative design to create workspaces that are equal parts of organization and inspiration. And here’s the best part: The BDI ‘Work Anywhere’ sale starts today! Now thru March 5, SAVE 15% on all BDI home office, shelving, laptop, side and coffee tables, and motion table designs! Let’s dive into the styles you can find on sale so you can make an informed decision when upgrading your workspace furniture!

Office Desks and Storage Solutions

​BDI Centro

A light and streamlined collection that is designed with the idea of “flexibility” in mind! It gives you the option of mixing and matching the modular pieces, enabling you to create your office design according to your space. The highlight of this line are models 6451-2 and 6452-2 which are electronically powered, adjustable standing — or sitting —desks.

BDI Corridor Office

L-shaped desks, multifunction cabinets, regular desks, and file cabinets, this is a classic and elegant BDI collection that inspires productivity and brings out the executives in all of us.

BDI Stance

A very stylish collection that focuses on fitting everybody’s needs with a standing desk that features three available desktop sizes, programmable height settings, and an elegantly smooth satin-etched glass work surface.

BDI Sequel

Sequel has a simple and clean design that allows you to work smarter, not harder. Hidden storage drawers, compact desks, and mobile file cabinets, this line is sure to fit any office with limited space.

BDI Sigma

If you’re looking for sophistication then you’re in need of the Sigma collection! Offering desks with big keyboard drawers and mobile file cabinets, Sigma is the peak of attention to detail!

BDI Linea

A highly versatile collection, Linea can be used to create workspaces of any size. Linea offers generously-sized wood tops, a variety of storage options, and an innovative shelving system, that will fill all the gaps in your office, bringing elegance and beauty like no other!

Office Chairs

Voca and TC-223

Chairs that prioritize one word, and one word only: comfort! Both offer a wide range of user-friendly and adjustable comfort features, engineered with ergonomics in mind. Great options for not only your workspace but also for gaming and anytime else you might need. 

Shelving Systems

BDI Linea

This shelf brings much more than “just” functionality to your office. Linea combines shelving and additional cabinet space, with multiple size options, and is an excellent choice to create a room divider or a complete wall system. Feel free to create a configuration of your own design according to your own needs.

BDI Eileen

The beautiful Eileen shelves will add functionality to your space, with a design that allows you to use it alone or combined with others. A great option for when you don’t know for sure how much shelving you’ll need, as it allows you to add others as necessary.

BDI Stiletto

A versatile ladder shelf system that allows you to create storage solutions of any size. It’ll also surely adds style to your space, with its strong and clean architectural lines.

Side and Coffee Tables | Laptop Stands

BDI Bink

Bink will be your best companion, for sure! As a laptop stand, side, or c-table, it slides under the base of furniture to provide a convenient work surface that is always close at hand.

BDI Cloud 9

An interesting and highly functional collection of coffee and end tables, Cloud 9 makes transitioning between work and relaxation a dream. Beautifully designed, the 1182 model is a lift-top coffee table that adds that extra storage space you need.

BDI Dino

With soft and classical design, these triangular-shaped tables are a versatile option for a variety of settings, and perfect for use with a sectional sofa.


Inspired by surf, Fin is a collection of tables with dynamic shapes that create a stable platform. With the possibility of positioning so the lower shelf is either revealed or hidden.

BDI Reveal

A beautifully functional table collection, Reveal combines premium materials with hidden and open storage, providing a combination of function, versatility, and modern style. The 1192 model is a lift-top coffee table that is the peak of functionality and style.

BDI Serif

A height-adjustable table that can be used as a side or sofa companion or a laptop stand. A go-anywhere table, Serif adjusts across a 10" range as needed.

BDI Terrace.

A unique and gorgeous grouping of tables with a good size and open storage space. Use it for remote control storage or to display your favorite coffee table books.

The BDI ‘Work Anywhere Sale is happening right now at Gramophone Showrooms and at SKY by Gramophone, with fast & free shipping! Contact us if you need more information and we’ll be happy to help you! 

🥂Cheers to an amazing workspace and gorgeous office furniture!