JBL Synthesis Home Theater in Gaithersburg

What are some of the things that characterize homeowners who are very happy with their home theater? An amazing home theater experience isn’t an easy thing to achieve. At Gramophone, we’ve installed hundreds of home theaters, from relatively simple and affordable home theaters clear on up to theaters that look and sound every bit as good as, or better than, your local cinema.

Each project we touch needs to be one that the homeowner loves, and that we are truly proud to call a Gramophone install. A lot of planning goes into a top-shelf home theater experience. Here are some of the key elements for us at Gramophone: 

  • Great sound quality at every seat in the room;
  • Great picture quality;
  • Ease of use, with one button press, whenever possible. Let’s not fumble with multiple remotes, and/or apps on your phone;
  • A reliable experience that your family members can enjoy every time;
  • A clean look, with products installed so that they accent your home’s appearance, rather than detract from it;

In 2023, we installed a JBL Synthesis Home Theater in our beautiful Gaithersburg Showroom, in Maryland, and our customers have been impressed with how it turned out. So are we – both picture quality and sound are terrific. Our recent YouTube video explains more about the system.

Gramophone’s talented design experts helped make sure that this theater looks just as good as it sounds. The JBL Synthesis speakers are concealed in the walls and ceiling, so no large speaker cabinets dominate the room. This attention to appearance is so important for us, as many homeowners who love movies and music don’t want to be distracted by a room with an overly busy appearance. 

A big benefit of JBL Synthesis theaters is that they can be calibrated to your room. JBL talks about Synthesis systems offering “immersive home theater audio, perfectly calibrated to your room”, which helps explain that every room has its own sonic characteristic. Walk into an unfurnished room, with no carpets, couches, drapes, etc. to break up the reverberating sound, and you’ll immediately hear your voice echoing back to you. That’s the room imposing its own sound upon what you hear. 

Negative room influences can make the dialog of a movie difficult to hear clearly, even when the volume is turned up. Your room can also de-emphasize bass notes in a way that means some listeners hear almost no bass, despite having powerful subwoofers in the system. Not good! 

JBL Synthesis is a complete, turn-key system for home theaters and media rooms. At Gramophone, we can use these products to craft systems that are customized to your room’s size and individual sonic characteristics. We can also tailor the system to your budget, as JBL Synthesis consists of a whole family of in-wall, in-ceiling, or in-room cabinet speakers, at many different price points.  

Once your JBL Synthesis system is installed, we’ll calibrate it so that every seated listening position is assured of a great experience.  We’ll also program the system remote controls so that the products work easily together and are a pleasure to use.

So… what is your favorite movie? Who are your favorite bands, singers, or musicians?  Do you own some concert Blu-Ray or DVD discs that you’d love to watch in a way that looks and sounds just as good, or even better than the concert itself did? Please visit us at our Gaithersburg location and see what a calibrated system from JBL and Gramophone is all about. We’ll work with your tastes and budget to install a system that will bring you joy every time you use it. To make an appointment, click here! 

We’ll see you soon!