I've Got a Question: Flat-Screen TV Audio, Part V


I just got a new flat-screen TV over the Holidays. Should I consider some kind of sound system for it?

Answer Part V:

This post continues to proved general information about several of the choices available to add better sound to your flat screen:

Choice 4 – Install a component surround sound system. For a lower priced limited flexibility system this isn’t as complicated or difficult as it once was. As mentioned in my previous post, today there are terrific values available in compact speakers and surround receivers. But probably the biggest advance if you’re going to do it yourself, is the receivers that have automated set up and calibration programs. They come with a microphone that you connect and place in the listening area. The unit generates a series of test tones and sets up the receiver accordingly. 

Our experience has been that these auto-setup routines are pretty good, but occasionally they can get something wrong and then you’ll get less than optimum performance. Of course, if you get one of these from us we can arrange to set it up for you (we’ll even let you stay and watch).

More complex systems are available as well. They offer more switching capability, enhanced video processing and maybe more channels beyond 5.1 (In my next post I’ll start to explain what all those channels are for.) and other performance enhancements. And undoubtedly they’ll have more powerful amplifiers. But don’t judge the quality of any system only by its power rating. That’s like judging the quality of a car strictly by the horsepower rating of its engine.